A Black Person’s Life

A student poem.

by Jasmine
(7th grade)


There was a time when there were slaves
Who were treated wrong even when they behaved
My ancestors were beaten, whipped and killed
They became angered, soulless and people who had no will
They didn’t do anything wrong or bad
But the Europeans and Salesmen were glad
Because they would sell my people
Like a common Colorado potato beetle


But look at us now
We are strong and proud…oh wow
We are free
We can be who we want to be
Although they still look down on us
We will give them plenty more to discuss


Nowadays people still judge us for who we are
Without even knowing we are not subpar
So you may ask what we can do
My answer would be “I don’t have a clue”
All we can do is what they say
I wish they could be nice and come out to play
We don’t bite nor scratch
We are actually a pretty good match.


We may not be getting along right now
But there is still plenty of hope to bestow
Because the president we have today isn’t so good
We should live our life to the fullest with no falsehood
We are going to make a change
Even though some may think it’s a bit strange
That people like me
Can change what America’s future will be

Identity & Action: Poems from the Present to the Future
IS 392, Brooklyn, NY
Edited by Erika Luckert, writer‐in‐residence