Student Writing

Celebrating the creativity of students who participate in writers-in-the-schools programs or community creative writing opportunities.
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Who Are You, Scared O?

Who Are You, Scared O? By Elisia Z. A small little orange guy With a green stick Shaking, shaking, full of fear. Why little guy, why are you shaking, shaking? The thankful Thanksgiving day is coming, coming, coming. You should be happy with joy, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing. That’s what you should be. Answer, answer, answer me….

Sky Clouds Make a Picture: Anthology by Students of The Louis Armstrong Middle School

It has been a real treat to work with the Louis Armstrong Middle School this year. During this five-week residency, I decided to focus on the basic goal of the Teachers & Writers Collaborative—exercising the imagination. Yes, we used time-tested effective poetic devices like simile, metaphor, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, and repetition. We re-visited the five…

PS 457 Young Leadership Academy/Teachers & Writers Collaborative Partnership Program Snapshot

T&W teaching artists Alba Delia Hernandez and Samantha LoCoco conducted a 20-session residency at PS 457, Young Leadership Academy, in the Bronx with second-grade gifted and talented students. The students learned about figurative language and poetic structure and examined a range of diverse authors such as Sandra Cisneros, Willie Perdomo, Pablo Neruda, Kwame Dawes, and…

PS 188 Kingsbury School/T&W: Partnership Program Snapshot

T&W teaching artist Amina Henry conducted a 20-session poetry residency at PS 188, the Kingsbury School, in Bayside, Queens with third- and fourth-grade gifted and talented classes. Kirsten Chen, who was a T&W editorial associate in 2016–2017, had an email conversation with one of Henry’s classroom teacher partners, Jessica Wingfield, about the program’s impact.  Teachers…

I Eat The Wind

I Eat The Wind by Jolany (2nd grade)     2017 My Favorite Word is Love Sheridan Academy of Young Leaders, PS 457X, Bronx, NY Alba Hernandez & Samantha LaCoco,  writers‐in‐residence    

The Lonely Mountain V: Letter Poems

The Lonely Mountain V by Nadia (6th grade) The lonely mountain stands there All she wants is a companion She dreams of having a little mountain by her side She says, “Come over, little mountain!” The lonely mountain feels upside down The lonely mountain stands there Waiting   Who Are You, Letter U?  by Tiffany…

Congratulations to the Young Authors of 122Q!

From the introduction to The Thirst of Life, anthology for the writing residency at 122Q. This school year, 2016-2017, has been my 16th sea­son of teaching creative writing at PS 122Q, the Mamie Fay School, in Astoria, Queens, New York. It has, once again, been my distinct privilege and pleasure to teach the wonderful 6th-graders…