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This year will mark my first experience with Poetry Out Loud. My name is Morgan Gaetano, and I am a high school sophomore at Newburgh Free Academy in New York who has been writing for about five years. Writing was always something I wanted to do; I love watching people and making up stories or poems about them.  I am not really sure from where this skill came, but I know it was refined throughout the years with my English teachers’ help.

Despite my love for the written word, when I was first told about Poetry Out Loud, I didn’t quite grasp what I was getting into. After reading about it online, I was both excited and nervous. When I was asked to write about my early experiences with the program, I didn’t realize that I would actually have to take part in the competition. I just thought I was going to write a paragraph or two about the program and be done. When I found out that I would eventually have to recite my selected poems in front of people, I instantly backed away from the project for a whole week…but because I had already said yes, I told a bunch of friends and teachers, knowing they would push me back into it and help me prepare.

I know that once I find the poems that speak to me, I will feel more comfortable about Poetry Out Loud and will feel confident about my performance in the competition.

by Morgan Gaetano

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