Two Poems

By Latonya

Two Poems
By Latonya

If you were to see her in the
Street you would think she
Is the same as any other
Person, nice, polite, and does
Well with others. But in the
Inside she is a weak little
Woman with feelings, they
Call her names, she says it
Does not hurt her but
she knows the truth.
In the inside she is crying
For help. The tears
Of joy never come visit
To pay her a visit. All of
Her tears are tears of

2012-sept-23-brooklyn-book-fest (142)

I am somebody, my mind
Is clear,
I can do anything in
This world.
If I believe it & conceive it,
Then I will achieve it.
Up with hope, down with dope.
Always protect me,
Never neglect me.
This is my day
I feel great today.
Miracles for miracles,
And so it is
Because it is so.
It can’t be otherwise,
Every day in every way,
I will not be little me.
I’m special, I’m love,
I will be a great me.

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