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In Defense of Teaching Difficult Poems

By Erika Luckert I was developing a lesson for a 6th-grade unit on poetry and mythology. We would read two different Medusa poems, I decided, and then students would have a chance to write their own poems addressed to Medusa. The first poem I selected was Sylvia Plath’s “Medusa,” The second, by Lynn Schmeidler, was…

Five Tips on Co-Teaching

By Olaya Barr and India Gonzalez The two of us have been co-teaching sixth-graders at PS 122, Mamie Fay in Queens, for the past six months. During this time we have learned a great deal about ourselves as individual teachers and as a pair. Because of this, we thought it would be beneficial to present…

Imagining the Present

by Grace Paley This transcript of Paley’s speech at T&W’s Educating the Imagination forum was originally published in 1996.  —Ed. I just looked over at my children [in the audience]. It’s very embarrassing to be spoken about in front of one’s children. Recently I was trying to remember exactly how we started Teachers & Writers Collaborative….

Poetry as a Mirror

2018 Runner-up of the Bechtel Prize By Glenis Redmond Author and T&W Board member Tayari Jones selected Glenis Redmond’s essay, “Poetry as a Mirror,” as the runner-up for the 2018 Bechtel Prize. Teachers & Writers Collaborative awards the annual Bechtel Prize to the author of an essay that explores themes related to creative writing, arts education,…

Writing with Children After the Fires

By Phyllis Meshulam I. On the night of October 8, 2017, aptly-named Diablo winds from the east, gusting at as much as 70 miles per hour, carried embers over the mountains that separate Sonoma and Napa Counties in wine-country California. The resulting massive wildfires burned more than 5,000 homes to the ground in Sonoma County…

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