May My Heart Be Strong

Student poetry.

The Place of Hope
by Mexx (6th grade)

May I be able to see the world
in just one leap.
May I have water, Kryptonian DNA,
and the bright yellow sun.
May I return to the home
where I lived happily with my family.
May I have a heart that never gives up.

Please don’t let fear fall upon humans
and kill dreams.

May I arrive at the place of hope.

A Piece of the Sun
by Basma (6th grade)

May I be able to create a medicine
to save everyone from cancer at once
May I have bread and anything that the sick patients desire
May I have fresh and beautiful water from the Nile River
to see the smile on the wonderful people
May I have a piece of the sun
and the most precious flowers on all of the earth
to make their faces glow
Lastly, may I exterminate the horrible creature
that wishes death upon everyone
May I return the sick ones
to their nice, peaceful, loving childhood
May I give my heart for the others to survive
Please, never let them face the fears of death
pain and sourness
May I take the sick ones to a waterfall
deep in the beautiful, meaningful forest
where they can thrive and survive

May My Heart Be Strong
IS 187 Hudson Cliffs, New York, NY
David Surface, writer‐in‐residence