30 Poems in 30 Days

Writing Prompts for National Poetry Month

A child walks along a path of words in a spiral written in chalk on the pavement.

Many writers celebrate National Poetry Month by writing a new poem each day. This April, celebrate with your students in this popular and widespread writing challenge and create 30 poems in 30 days! Use this as an opportunity to explore different poetic forms and prompts, letting you and your students release the “inner-editor” voice and allow your poetic creativity to flow throughout the month.

30 Poetry Lessons for 30 Days of Poetry 

  1. Exploring Disability Justice through Writing” by Jennifer Bartlett 
  2. Persona Poetry and Mask-Making: Unity for Middle School students” by Jacy Bryla
  3. I Remember” by Matthew Burgess (Writing Our Way Through)
  4. “‘What If’: Trusting Students with Difficult and Challenging Model Texts” by Brittny Ray Crowell 
  5. Teaching the Tritina and Unraveling Oppression with High School Students” by Trace DePass 
  6. Two Poetry Prompts to Inspire Immigrant Teens” by Sarah Dohrmann
  7. Investigation Poetry” by Sherese Francis (Writing Our Way Through)
  8. The Map as Metaphor: Poetic Cartographies in the Virtual Classroom” by Joanna Fuhrman
  9. List Poems Inspired by Daily Life” by Melanie M. Goodreaux-Fiedler
  10. Collage Poems with ‘The Jumblies‘” by Amina Henry 
  11. Who Am I? Exploring Stereotypes and Identity Through Poetry” by Javan Howard
  12. Origin Story Lesson Plan Using Afro-Latina by Elizabeth Acevedo” by Candice Iloh
  13. What’s in a Name? Finding Hidden Pictures in the letters of the Alphabet” by Frank Ingrasciotta (Writing Our Way Through)
  14. The Lune Link” by Susan Karwoska
  15. Sensory Language” by Jason Leahey
  16. Reviving Revision through Storytelling and Poetry” by Caron Levis (Spellbound: The Art of Teaching Poetry)
  17. Making Small Moments Big: Teaching Haiku with Sydell Rosenberg” by Erika Luckert
  18. Shout Out Poems” by Libby Mislan
  19. Rain Can be Anything: Kindergarten Poetry Lesson” by Linda Morel
  20. Teaching Poetry as a Part of Real Life” by Naomi Shahib Nye 
  21. The Walk Poem” by Ron Padgett 
  22. Math Meets Verse: Counting, Decoding, & Rhythm” by Alice Pencavel
  23. Visual Poems” by Maya Pindyck
  24. Rosebuds Folded Over in Sleep: Teaching the Sonnets of Ishle Yi Park to High School Students” and “Personification and War Poetry” by Bushra Rehman
  25. The Taste of Happiness” by Harriet Riley
  26. Odes in Science: A Lesson Plan” by Bertha Rogers 
  27. Hidden Beauty: Using a Poem by Jane Cortez” by Mark Statman
  28. Found Poetry & Accessibility” by Donnie Welch 
  29. Finding Your Voices: How Jericho Brown, Diana Ross and Janis Joplin Can Inspire Student Writing” by Tiphanie Yanique (Spellbound: The Art of Teaching Poetry)
  30. Writing a Dream Poem” by Bill Zavatsky

Additional Resources

Amanda Volel is a poet and educator from Queens, New York. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. She joined T&W in December 2018 as a teaching artist and currently works as a communications & development associate.

A child walks along a path of words in a spiral written in chalk on the pavement.